Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sending Email

Just like the rest of corporate America, I have a work email address. It’s meant for communicating with work people about work stuff. I rarely use it for anything personal and this story is a lesson in why.

Apparently, there are a few people in the corporate email directory that have a name similar to mine because I get emails periodically that are meant for someone else.

I love when this happens.

Most of the time they are boring emails that have to do with some work related issue.

Today however, I got one that I think is worth sharing.

Someone within the company wrote:

“why since u gave me doctor grahams number today he finally called and told me im ovulating hella long hunh im still excited about it though lets just see now if i get pregnant”

Clearly this email wasn’t meant for me.

I giggled.

The lesson: double check your email address before clicking “send”.

Because, now I want to email her back and ask if she’s pregnant.

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