Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love Rewards The Brave

Truism courtesy of Danielle Laporte

I love that thought.

What does it really mean to be brave?

It means sending an email or a text message when I’m uncertain of how it will be received.

It means asking an uncomfortable question that might be returned with a flippant response.

It means openly responding from a fragile place when I want to protect my heart.

It means taking a risk when the past tries to make me believe the future will be no different. 

It means offering kindness when my trust has been betrayed.

It means not giving up when that would be the easiest and logical thing to do.

The rewards of love often are not as we expect.

Silence may be the only response to a brave text or email.

Ridicule may punctuate the response to an uncomfortable question.

Disconnection may close the open conversation.

The future may, in fact, repeat the past.

Another wound may crush the gesture of kindness.

Loneliness may be the only companion of sticking with it.

Being brave does not guarantee benefits on our terms.

The prize may indeed be gained by getting what we want
The riches of love may lie in the strength of character that courage has created.

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Ang said...

Love, Love, Love this post.
I wish I was more brave.