Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Search of Coffee: Nashville

I’m afraid I’ve become an addict but I don’t think I’m the only one.

Without coffee I crash by 1pm and only a nap will get me through the day. Not to mention the raging headache that reminds me when I haven’t tended to my caffeine fix.

When it comes to coffee, I wouldn’t say I’m a snob but I do have certain tastes that I prefer. Although I like Starbucks’ sugar-laden drinks, the price keeps me away and when it comes to their straight up coffee, I find it too strong. If we’re talking about franchise coffee, I will choose Dunkin’ Donuts over Starbucks any day.

That said, it’s more satisfying when I can forgo the corporate chain altogether and, in Goldilocks fashion,  find a cup of java that’s not too weak, not too bitter, but just right. 

I found the following local java huts on a recent trip to Nashville, TN. I might add that my favorite was Bongo Java East.

CREMA – Hermitage Ave. (downtown Nash)
·         Price: Average – med. hot coffee $1.80 w/ tax.
·         Taste: Strong flavor but not bitter. I needed an extra Splenda.
·         Service: As you would expect – got the job done, nothing spectacular.
·         Atmosphere: Cozy, warm décor – no free tables on a Sat. am. – free wifi. 
·         Parking: There is a small parking lot on the side however, on a Saturday morning, it’s not enough.

Overall: Thumbs Up


PORTLAND BREW – Eastland Ave. (East Nash)
·         Price: More than Average – med. iced coffee $2.00+
·         Taste: Strong and bitter – couldn’t doctor it up enough to finish it
·         Service: Not helpful – bad customer service
·         Atmosphere: Open space including a loft but has a cold feel to it – free wifi
·         Parking: On the street

Overall: Thumbs Down


FROTHY MONKEY – 12th Ave. South
·         Price: More than Average – med iced coffee $2.59
·         Taste: Great full flavor – but not bitter
·         Service: Friendly and fast
·         Atmosphere: Lots of space including booths, tables and couches – free wifi
·         Parking: Street parking in front and a small lot behind the building

Overall: Thumbs Up


UGLY MUGS – Eastland Ave. (East Nash)
·         Price: Average – 16 oz. hot coffee $1.64 w/ tax
·         Taste: Strong and bitter
·         Service: Very friendly and helpful
·         Atmosphere: Large open space – kids play area – free wifi
·         Parking: Plenty of parking in lot

Overall: Thumbs to the side


BONGO JAVA EAST – South 11th St. (East Nash)
·         Price: Less than Average – 20 oz iced coffee $1.86 w/ tax
·         Taste: Great flavor – the perfect blend
·         Service: Friendly, fast and engaging
·         Atmosphere: Café setting – good amount of seating - free wifi
·         Parking: Street and small parking lot

Overall: Thumbs Up  

Where have you found good coffee while traveling?

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