Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trusting in Love

Because I'm a blog-stalking-hummingbird that flits from blog to blog and clicks on link after link for hours, taking in bits and pieces of other people's lives and scandal from around the world, I have forgotten where I read this statement that has been haunting me for the past few days. I have tried to find the blog so I could give her (I think it was a girl) credit and a link to her site but such is the downside to just clicking and reading. I'm sorry to whoever's site I read this on.

Here's the statement, paraphrased as I remember it:
You can't trust someone if you don't believe that they love you.

I keep thinking about this.
I think about my difficulty in trusting people.
I think about the way I trust some people only on surface levels.
And I wonder how much I really trust God.

Do I believe that anyone really loves me?
Do I believe that God really loves me?

Is my ability (or inability) to trust directly related to what I really believe about love?

These questions have been on 'repeat' in my head.

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