Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chasing Waterfalls

Unexpectedly, the waterfall theme emerged while on vacay in Colorado.
 I heart waterfalls and the unique beauty that each one has. 
Let me introduce you to some of them.  

Cascade Falls - Ouray, CO

Although difficult to photograph because it is nestled in a canyon, the roar of this waterfall is deafening.

Box Canyon Falls - Ouray, CO

This one was at 11,160 feet above sea level
Animas Forks, CO

It was raining the day we searched for this one. 
The vertical drop fell in symmetrical tiers.
Silverton, CO

This one we came across while hiking but we had no idea what else we would find on this hike.
Cascade Creek - Between Durango and Silverton, CO

This is what we found.  
We had to literally walk up the creek to get to it because although we could hear it, there was no trail that let us get close to it. 
It's worth seeing from a few different angles
It took the most struggle to get to, but was by far, the best waterfall.
Cascade Creek - Between Durango and Silverton, CO

Imogene Pass - Between Telluride and Ouray, CO

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