Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rodeos and Gunfights

For those who have always known the hustle and bustle of the east coast or any metropolitan area for that matter, you may think that the Wild Wild West doesn’t exist any longer. I am here to tell you that it does in fact exist. Where, you ask? In the small towns nestled between mountain peaks and high altitude passes.

The local rodeo and the town gunfight are proof that the Wild West still lives. I experienced both on my recent visit to Colorado.

Silverton, Colorado is a two-horse town. The names of those horses are Sony and Cher. They pull the stagecoach up Main Street and down “Notorious” Blair Street, which also happens to be where the gunfight took place. The sheriff drew his six-shooter on a band of outlaws with names like Phoenix, Okie Joe and The Kid right there in the middle of the street. Passersby and those in the Shady Lady Saloon poured into the street to witness the shootout. Not something you see everyday in the rest of the country but there, in that quaint old mining town, history lives on even in the 21st century.

 Sony and Cher

Durango, Colorado on the other hand, is a full-fledged town.  The way I know that Durango is full on is because they have a Walmart. I mean, when Walmart comes to town, it’s a big deal.  Even so, Durango hasn’t lost its Wild West status because they still have a rodeo. These cowboys and cowgirls aren’t going to be in Vegas for the championships anytime soon but they still lace up their ropers and strap on their spurs each week and give it a go. Once again, not something that I have seen many other places in my travels across this land but out in the west, it’s still for real.  

The littlest cowboys ride sheep.

The mid-sized cowboys ride steers.

The big boys do a little roping.

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