Thursday, November 27, 2008


Despite the fact that it took her 30-something hours of labor to arrive, Abi made her grand entrance 5 days after Thanksgiving that year. She finally showed up screaming with every ounce of her 8 lb. little body. With that, the drama began.

I was 12 years old when I witnessed my youngest sister’s birth. It was quite an experience for a pre-teen. We had spent months gathering baby clothes, toys, diapers, and all manner of accessories. The anticipation and excitement consumed us. We folded the tiny sleepers and blankets and rearranged the bibs and doll sized socks and pacifiers everyday that summer. My sisters and I were being given the best Christmas gift ever, a real live baby doll. She was ours. Being nearly a teenager, and having babysat other children, I was aware and capable of understanding what it meant to take care of a baby and I looked forward to it.

She was born a fighter, screamer and all drama. At 3 months old, my parents left Abi with my sisters and I while they went out for the evening. She screamed the whole night. Somewhere around 5 months old, she took “getting attention” to a new level. She cried so hard that she held her breath until she passed out. She went limp, eyes rolled back in her head. I thought she was dying. My dad blew in her face and she quickly regained consciousness. After that, the ‘pass-out trick’ became a regular occurrence. One time when Abi had just learned to roll over, I was home alone with her. I put her on my bed while I cleaned my room. She rolled off the bed. Scared but unhurt she pulled the pass-out stunt again. It was a little frightening but I knew what to do and within a minute or so, everything was fine.

At age 3, she had a vocabulary that exceeded most 8 year olds and she had the diva attitude to go with it. Having 3 teenaged sisters, she had to keep up. Since she was the youngest, she needed someone to boss around. Abi had her own pony and was not afraid to sneak out of the house and hop on “Cowboy” with her whip in hand and ram-rod around the arena as fast as Cowboy’s short legs would go. When it came to pets, she loved them. At 7 years old, she became a cat breeder. She had a couple of cats named “Frank” and “Jesse” and soon she had a litter of kittens. She took care of them as if they were her children. She carried them around in a blanket and made sure they stayed cozy at night in the shed. She is still the source of laughter and joy in our family. Easily excitable, she keeps us all from getting too serious. A few years ago, on Christmas Eve, Abi disappeared. When I went to find her, the sign posted on her bedroom door said, “DO NOT COME IN! RAPING PRESENTS”. We still tease her about that.

Today, my baby sister turns 19. It’s hard to believe the chatty little girl that would tell stories while I put sponge rollers in her hair is all grown up. Generally, siblings are only a few years apart in age so they all grow up together. It’s a different experience to actually watch your sister grow up. In high school, I watched her be a leader to the girls on her volleyball team while she tried her best to stay above the teen-girl pettiness. She is beautiful! She is sensitive. She is becoming a strong and confident woman and has proven that she desires to continue to grow in character. She takes time to connect with people that most young adults her age think they are too cool to care about.

Abi, I am proud of you! I see that you are far beyond where I was at your age. I know you have what it takes to pursue the desires of your heart. Don’t let the tough spots in life derail your dreams. Go after them, even if you find them changing, as you get older. Remember that every person who makes an appearance in your life is there for a reason. And every obstacle or crisis is an opportunity for growth. You possess beauty and joy that the world needs. Don’t ever be afraid of who you are. Take the risk in giving of yourself in spite of the heartache that may come your way. The pay out will be worth it in the end. Don’t shutdown. Be only who you are.

I miss you, Abs. I miss taking you to Wal-mart on a moment’s notice and listening to our favorite songs as loud as we can stand it. I’m guessing you are having a big feast today 'cause this year, you are sharing your day with Thanksgiving.

I love you Abi-jail!
Happy Birthday!!!


Ang said...

LOL.. Oh my God... that was fun walking down the memory lane of the little BEAST.
"this ball will give me a leg up"

Abigail Fields said...

Pooper, i have only one issue with this story! =) it was not "a few years ago" that was like 9 years ago that that "raping presents" incident occured! just thought i would set that strate! =) love you so much, and sorry that it have taken me so long to get on your blog and read this! it really is an inspiration to me! i can't wait to see you, and btw, we really need to take a little trip together this christmas break and do just that " turn up some kenye, or some usher and jam out! love you sis!