Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Observations From A Nightclub

One Friday night, with a couple of girl friends, I went to a nightclub. This particular establishment was a trendy place, 3 levels of entertainment and loud music, the kind where you can feel the bass in your chest. Due to my new year’s resolution that year, I didn’t have my usual Long Island Iced Tea that night.

We found our way to the lower level where the crowd had gathered. The dance floor and the bar were full that night. Although the club scene isn’t really my thing, I’ve had fun dancing in places like that before. Letting loose with the safety of a few friends can be a great beginning to a much-needed weekend.

Skanktastic. That’s the word I found to describe what I saw that night. Many men stood around with drinks in their hands, not dancing or trying to dance but rather just sizing up the view. Two scantily clad dancers were on elevated platforms showing the rest of us what we should look like. One guy went and parked himself in front of a dancer and basically salivated at her every move.

I’ve never seen so many creepy men in one place before. Maybe at other times it was just the same and I was oblivious, but that night I noticed. It felt like they were hungry dogs looking for a weakened one to take advantage of. It was a stage set for casual sex. 30, 40, maybe 50 pairs of eyes roamed every inch of the room. None of them wanted to engage in conversation but they lingered, looking for any female intoxicated enough to feed their hunger.

There was such emptiness in those eyes. Hollow, hardened and alone. I saw it on the faces of the girls there as well. Trying to escape reality and the pain of their lives, they only continued the cycle by falling into arms that they would wake to regret.

On that night, I felt like I experienced more than just an evening of entertainment, I witnessed the sorrow of mankind.

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