Friday, November 21, 2008

The Upside To A Downward Dog Economy

The economy sucks. Duh! It could be likened to the common yoga pose. It has its ass up in the air and its head is nearly touching the ground.

I opened my 401k statement yesterday from Q3 of this year and I found that I have lost 15% of my retirement funds in the past 3 months. Guess I won't be retiring any time soon.

Hold on one second... I have found a bright spot...

Driving home from work yesterday, I passed the local gas station that I frequent every weekend. My eyes blinked hard when I saw the sign. The price was $1.97. I live in one of the most expensive states in the union. Things in Connecticut generally cost more than most places in the country, except New York. So, for the price of gas to be under $2.00 here must mean that gas prices in other parts of the nation like, Iowa for instance, are probably close to $1.50 or less.

As GM is going down, so is the price of crude oil. Jed Clampett is in foreclosure. Elly May and Jethro are packin' Granny up and leavin' Beverly Hills. They are headin' back to the hills of Tennessee.

However, the Clampett's misfortune is this girl's ray of sunshine! This my friends, is the optimistic side of a pessimistic worldwide economy.

While my nest egg is cracking and oozing the green stuff onto the pavement, it costs me less to get to work than it did a month ago. This is a good thing considering early retirement isn't working out.

Deep breath... Namaste!

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Ang said...

Ok the more i look at the girl do the downward dog... the more i realize i probably dont look like that when i do it! scarry!