Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have A Laugh... It's On Me

Have you ever seen trick ankles?? 

I had to make a stop at Target the other night. I needed to exchange an item I had purchased over the weekend. I trotted up to the customer service desk and made a smooth and uneventful transaction (even though I had thrown away the receipt). After that, smooth and uneventful decided to stay there at the counter and let me go on ahead.  

I turned around to walk away and right there in the main aisle... in full view of everyone walking into the store as well as those standing in line to check out... the trick ankle got all sassy with me. The boots slipped on the waxed linoleum floor... and I went down in a blaze of glory. The knees hit first, then the hands; like a toddler learning to walk but not as cute. I jumped up in one swift move, trying to keep moving so no one would ask if I needed an ambulance. I did not look around to see how many eyes were staring. 

My trick ankles don't really embarrass me anymore. I have grown accustomed to their tantrums. I have "biffed-it" in the mall, at a restaurant and while crossing a street. I have fallen going down stairs on a ferry boat, going up stairs, on a sidewalk (wearing only my swimsuit), in a parking lot and even, chasing a boy down a hill when I was a tween. Wiping out is one thing that I am good at.  

My right knee cap got the worst of if. It's reddish-purple now but I'm confident it will make a full recovery and will live to have another meeting with the ground. 

If you are ever so fortunate to witness the wonders of my trick ankles, I promise you will not be disappointed.


Ang said...

Or how about when we're walking in the mall and i'm talking to you, and all the sudden you disapear.. and i look back and you're on the ground. Oh the trick ankles... good times for all.

Becky H said...

Before reading the entire blog, I thought that 'trick ankles' was the name of a new fashion trend in boots!!! I even went to google to see a picture of them :-)
I hope I have the pleasure of witnessing the 'trick ankles' one day with you!

Christina said...

Haha!! Becky, that's awesome! We could market those. Trick boots for people with "special" talents....

Abigail Fields said...

OMG, okay this entire blog made me laugh out loud! i could literally see you falling in target, or rolling your ankles in our many excursions together! This is hilarious! thanks for the laugh =)