Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Friends??

This month I have taken illogical to a new level. I don't know what happened. While I should be saving money in case, God forbid, I lose my job in this unstable economic time, in the past month, I have done some serious spending. This is not like me. I mean, I don't mind partaking in some extra spending when I have extra to play with but right now, I really don't.

Throwing caution off my 3rd floor balcony on black Friday, I made the first of my anti-budget purchases. Here it is:

My 17" Dell laptop has no battery because it died a few months ago. Often, the power cord comes out of the back of it, shutting down the computer, while I'm in the middle of working on something. So annoying. I have always been a PC but I am morphing my identity and now I am a Mac. At least I'm headed in that direction. It's taking a little getting used to. Drafting documents like this one, for blogging, have caused me a little grief with formatting and what-not but I'm stickin' with it. Mac and I are becoming BFFs.
As long as my world of technology is turning upside down, it was time for a cell phone upgrade. My phone, fully charged, only had a 6 1/2 minute talk time before it went dead. So on Sunday I purchased this:

This little beast looks all sleek and friendly but I am not yet convinced that we will be friends. We are still getting acquainted and so far, we disagree on some major things. This kind of relationship is new to me. I'm used to a straight-up cell phone no touch screen or email or MS Word in my purse. I'm giving it a week before I decide if I will stay the course on becoming all hi-tech.
Will these new friends be worth the bad attitude my budget gives me for not giving her my full attention?? I'll let you know when the bills come in.


Becky said...

You'll LOVE your new friends in about 2 weeks. After you get past the awkward introduction stage. Hang in there and you'll enjoy having them around and wonder how did I every survive before I met them!!

Annie Parsons said...


You'll never be sorry. :)