Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unexpected Surprise #1

Everyday for the past week or so I've had blogging on my list of things to do but so many other things have cut in line and blogging kept getting the shaft. It finally demanded to have my attention. 

You might recall that when the new year came calling, I felt that "unexpected surprises" was the '09 theme. 
Well, on January 15th, I got the first unexpected notice. It came in the form of a pink slip. Within 2 weeks, I joined the ranks of the unemployed along with 7.6% of the U.S. All the talk about the horrendous economy takes on a whole new perspective when it comes knocking on my door. 

Although I knew the possibility of losing my job by the end of the 2009 was probable, I never expected it come just 2 weeks into the new year. In the past, being without a job wasn't a huge deal to me. I've always been a fluid individual without many hard-lined financial obligations. Always rented a crib on a month to month basis. Always drove an older car that was either paid for or had a short term loan. Very little credit card debt = very easy to move anywhere on a moment's notice. That has changed in the past 3 years. I finally found a region that I fell in love with and began to pour concrete around my feet. I purchased a condo, a new car and grew into a comfortable lifestyle. 

With a few brief words, financial uncertainty has set me on edge. I have grown-up obligations now and jobs are harder to find these days.

What are the options?? There are options.   Stay tuned.

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