Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Release Me

This week has been a failure. 
My mind hasn't been able to stop running. 
My heart has followed the lead of my mind and no rest has been found. 
I hate it when I realize that I have been apprehended by the agony of the unknown. 
It becomes a deliberate effort to let go but the resistance wrings me out inside. 

Tonight I try. 
I'm reaching for a steady and strong reminder that I can't be distracted by the possibility of my world turning upside down. 
If it happens, it happens. 
I'm fighting. 
Fighting is not my expertise. I'd rather curl up under my bed and wait until things are calm but not this time. 
I'm puttin' up my dukes. 

This moment is vague. 
Details are hangin' out in the shadows. 
The fluffy snow has become an all-out downpour. 
The fire hydrant within me has been on lockdown and soon it will burst.  

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