Monday, January 5, 2009


That's my word for the day. 

I have emerged from 2008. 

The last 2 weeks of 2008 were jam-packed and overflowing. Not only do we have the holidays to celebrate but my mom, sister and brother all have birthdays that week between Christmas and New Years. This year, my WHOLE family spent the holidays together for the first time in 6 or 7 years. Brother and sisters, their husbands and wives (for those who have them), nieces and nephews, Dad and Mom... the whole pack. The bonus was that we were together in the NORTHEAST rather than the midwest. We all went to Boston AND New York. Everyone got to have new experiences and make new holiday memories. It was the best Christmas I've had in a very long time and that was an unexpected surprise. 
I'm already 5 days into 2009 and I haven't had time for my usual day or more to contemplate where I've been in the past 12 months and muse about where I'm headed in the next 365 days (I'm now down to 360). 
However, on New Year's Eve, we were having a little birthday celebration for my brother when my thoughts started wandering; thinking about the new year that was, at that point, just 2 hours or so away. Last year, I felt like 2008 was a year of new beginnings. New beginnings in my own life and in the lives of many of my friends and family. When I stand at the edge of something, like a new career or a move to a new location or a big decision or a new relationship or a New Year, and I look forward with a very limited knowledge of what may lie ahead sometimes I get a sense of peace or a confirmation or word that resonates inside me. I think it's God's way of reminding me that He's with me. In 2008, I saw it and felt it everywhere. I believed that new beginnings were the theme. Now on the other side, I still believe that last year was the year of new beginnings. New beginnings, some born from endings of other things, filled month after month in 2008. Some good and fun, others not so much. 

So, when I quietly wondered what theme will be evident in 2009, the only thing that came to mind was "unexpected surprises". I love to be surprised! 

That is something hopeful that I can look forward to in 2009. 

Even though it's a few days late... 

May 2009 be filled with the joy of unexpected surprises for you!! 

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Becky said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time with the family! That is great that they came up to the NE! I can't wait to hear about the unexpectant surprises in your life this year!
Love you!