Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy Neighbor Chronicles

It’s been reported and corroborated previously, that I have a crazy neighbor. Just one, but that’s more than enough.

She spends her days and nights intoxicated and high. In 2 years of living next door to her, I don’t recall having one sober encounter with her. About 2 weeks ago, her boyfriend was carried out of her condo in a body bag due to a drug overdose.  Still, her addictions erode the best of her.

 Last night, yet another installment of mcfrickin’ crazy kept me awake in the middle of the night. At midnight, just when I was near dreamland, I heard noises. I went to the window and sure enough, a big red fire engine was parked in front of my building. 4 firemen, (1 of whom was a cutie) in full gear, marched up to the 3rd floor. I stood in my doorway and watched the action. They pounded on the door and when Crazy Neighbor didn’t answer, they used a crow  bar and axe to force entry into the darkened house. Once inside, they found Crazy Neighbor intoxicated and passed out. An empty pot was burning on the glowing stove, which produced the horrendous odor of burning metal. The fire fighters also found the water in the tub running. The neighbor on the 2nd floor had called the fire department because her ceiling was leaking, an indication that the water was coming from Crazy Neighbor’s place on the floor above.

A police officer forced Crazy Neighbor to vacate the premises for the night. Once I drifted off, somewhere between 2 and 3 am, I was only half asleep.

Who knows what may have happened if the WHFD had not beaten down the door. I shudder to think. My next purchase will be a fire extinguisher in case next time, she lights up the building. I’m hoping that her landlord gets a clue before that happens. 


hootenannie said...

Yikes! That is so scary! I hope she's forced to move out - that's just irresponsible of the landlord... I'm glad you're okay.

Becky Herring said...

That IS scary. I had a couple of situations like that happen while I was in college. It is very unnevering.