Monday, June 21, 2010

Breaker Breaker 1-9

Okay, this scrap of cyberspace has been neglected for a bit longer than I anticipated but I haven’t forgotten about it.

I started scribbling here a few years ago with the thought that it would be a good spot for me to keep the practice of writing current. That was it, just a place to practice.  

I haven’t been as consistent as I hoped because let’s face it, fear and doubt and busyness and drama, you know, life, has at times, taken the words hostage for small and now, large periods of time.

It’s maddening when I see how this happens. It’s not that I stopped writing. There’s plenty of unpublished words on my hard drive. Some that I will publish here in the future and some that will never be lit up with a dot com address but it’s maddening that I let the “stuff” of life derail my ambitions.

Additionally, I got a little shy when I realized there might be an audience on the other side of the screen. In my absence, I have tried to come up with something more intriguing; some kind of theme around which to center the words I write here but for now, it’s living on, as it is… just a place to sort through life as it bounces along.

Do you copy?

10-4 over and out

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