Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Peace With Retail Chaos

I don’t like T.J. Maxx. Although you can find designer brands for less, the clothes are sorted only by clothing type or size. I’m thrilled about finding a bargain but I don’t like pawing through knit shirts and silk shirts and Hawaiian shirts on the same rack. It’s the same reason I don’t like thrift stores. It’s chaos to me. I’d rather stroll into Old Navy greeted by a pastel rainbow of $8 tank tops stacked in ascending sizes. The flow of white to ivory to pink to peach layered in rows has a calming effect on my shopping experience. I like things in order, packaged in symmetrical shapes and proportionate sizes.

While I can choose my retail environment according to my preference, life is displayed more like a thrift store. I like to think ahead, make a goal and map out the way to get there. It doesn’t always turn out that way. So, while I am trying to be less uptight when I make a plan and it comes crashing down like a tower of Jenga blocks, I am also trying to enjoy shopping at T.J. Maxx. Sometimes from the heap of my demolished life plans, an even better plan evolves in its place.  And it’s not all bad when I stumble on an Adidas workout shirt for $9 because workout clothes are my weakness.

However, the day I walk into Old Navy and it looks like Goodwill, I will be pissed. 

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Ang said...

i hate clothes shopping at the Maxx tooo.. it's like a bunch of shit on racks.
they have sweet hand bags though that make the store not so much on my shit list.