Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving Thoughts

Today has been one of those days when thoughts, random thoughts have been frolicking through my head like butterflies darting through a meadow of dandelions. Today the dialogue in my head rarely paused for a millisecond before bouncing on to the next topic. I feel exhausted. Not because I did anything out of the ordinary today but because the thoughts in my mind have gone from being extra intentional about taking my morning vitamins because I have forgotten them for the past 3 days, to the joy of leaving work early and wondering what I will do with an extra hour and a half of time to do whatever I want, to wondering what the family in Stamford must be going through tonight as they buried their 9 year old child today.

Some things don’t make much sense. The little boy, 9 years old, died of a cancerous brain tumor that 10 months ago, interrupted an otherwise normal family life. One day he was a normal, healthy child and the next day, a simple headache became the turning point on which all of life would change. Now everything looks different for this family and the people connected to them.

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