Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Flat

I was on my way to do Saturday errands when I merged onto I-95 southbound. As soon as I began to accelerate, I heard a loud noise. I thought it was a loud vehicle driving up behind me. I slowed down and realized the noise was coming from my car. I pulled off to the side of the interstate.

The right rear tire was flat.

I don’t have AAA. My dad and brother live half way across the country. I don’t have a boyfriend or husband.

I’ve never changed a tire before.

Angie and I discussed that this cannot be a difficult thing to do. We can make this happen.

We got the spare out, found the jack and right there at the on-ramp of exit 42, two girls set out to do a man’s job.

There were a few hiccups. I put the jack in the wrong place and started jacking up the wheel-well but not the rest of the car. I readjusted and got that figured out.

Then, once the car was jacked up, I couldn’t get the lug nuts off. I put all my weight into it and they weren’t budging. Ang called dad to make sure I was unscrewing them in the proper direction. Eventually, they loosened up.

Then, I put the tire on the wrong way and couldn’t get the lug nuts to screw back on. Remember, I am a tire changing virgin here. This is my first time.

Not one person stopped to offer help.

After at least 30 minutes in the Connecticut sun, the deed was done and we were on our way.

NASCAR is beeping in on the other line. They want me for the pit crew on the #48 team.

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