Monday, August 25, 2008

I Heart NY!

It’s quite possibly the cheapest T-Shirt ever. 6 for $10 was the going rate on Canal St. yesterday. I didn’t try but you could probably get them to take even less. I don’t think anything sold by vendors on Canal St. has a fixed price. Chinatown is one neighborhood in New York City where goods are negotiable much like any street market found in Bangkok, Thailand. Rolex watches, Gucci and Coach hand bags as well as Tiffany’s jewelry all for a fraction of the price you’d pay in a store makes Chinatown one reason why I heart NY. (This kid knows what's up!)

Yesterday, Angie and Kari (my 2 sisters), Sean (my brother in law), Travis (my brother) and I took a little trip into the city for a fun-filled day trip. Walking to the subway, we turned the corner at Broadway and 43rd St. and were stopped by a bottleneck of people with cameras in hand. The sidewalk was blocked. Thinking we were going to see P. Diddy or Regis Philbin, I readied myself to become part of the paparazzi. Using my elbowing and scooting skills, I inched forward to see the main attraction. Only in New York City does a cop atop a horse become a celebrity. This is another reason why I heart NY. (This couple's trip to NYC is now complete.)

The 1 train was nearly empty yesterday afternoon when we took it uptown from Canal St. However, a homeless black man rode with us. He had a child’s car seat strapped to his back filled with a bundle of clothing and he was talking to himself. Somewhere between 34th St. and 42nd St. he launched into a puppet show with his hands. He used quotation gestures to make one hand talk to the other while bobbing his head from side to side. When the train stopped at 42nd St. and the doors opened, he didn’t get off but he took a poker chip out of his pocket and threw it onto the tracks. He did get off at 50th St. with us and we watched him walk up the street a few blocks. He eventually threw the car seat on the sidewalk and kept on his way. New York City is home to all types of people with all types of stories and because of that, I heart NY. (I didn't get a picture of the puppet master but this is Travis, Angie and Kari on the 1 train. Trav, sorry about the pole in your face. Kar, love the black market Coach bag!)

After we went to see Cirque Dreams (in the picture below), the Broadway show that is a knock off of Cirque du Soleil, we went to Carmine’s for dinner. Carmine’s is a famous restaurant where they serve family style Italian food. Usually reservations are required unless you are willing to wait an hour or two to get in. I’ve been into the city countless times and always wanted to go to Carmine's but never wanted to endure the wait. Last night, as all the Broadway matinees were getting out, we walked into Carmine's just to see how long the wait would be. There was no wait! We were seated immediately! In New York City, there is always something to do that you haven’t done before and always the possibility for the impossible to happen.

After traveling to 45 of the 50 United States and 6 other countries, it’s still my favorite city.
For all these reasons and so many more...

I Heart NY!


Ang said...

The "puppet master" " " " " " " and all his quotes... (and then when he tried to sit on the seat with the carseat still attached to his back)... was definately a highlight of the day... aside from spending the day with the siblings of course... Great recount of the day. xoxoxoxo

Abigail Fields said...

Neener, These pictures are awesome! i miss you guys so much! i wish i was there to take this trip with you! love you!