Friday, August 29, 2008

Workin' On My Fitness

For most of the summer, I have not been going to the gym. Over the past 8 years I have been a 5am gym rat. Wherever I have lived, I always make sure a gym is close by so I can keep up with my exercise routine. For a month or two here and there along the way I have taken a break from sweating my guts out everyday but I always start craving it and get back to it.

This summer I hit a wall. My motivation took a deep dive and there was no bribe or deal that I was able to make with myself to get my lazy ass moving. I haven’t missed the creepy Italian guy who wears the same black sweat pants and white t-shirt everyday. He talks loudly to the other 50 year old men while they strut around the gym like they are 25. He drinks his coffee in-between sets and stares at me. Sometimes he tries to talk to me and lets me know that he’s a nutritionist and work out guru. PLEASE!

I have turned a corner.

For the past few weeks I have been gettin’ my sweat on almost everyday. I've changed it up and started going after work. I don't see creepy Italian guy in the evenings. It feels good to get back to pumping iron and rockin’ the elliptical but I’m still struggling. I have to force myself into it most days and remind myself that when I’m done I will be…“ harder, better, faster, stronger”. When I drag myself against how I feel and discipline my laziness, I don’t regret it. Today was one of those days.

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